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Here comes welfare for ship owners again! Marinesat AI security system officially launched

Views: 17     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-01      Origin: Marinesat

It’s difficult to recruit crew in recent years, which leads to a continuous declination of crew’s professional skill.Insufficient professional skill, lacking of safety awareness and insufficient experience results in various safety problems, which causes a great deal of economic loss to ship-owning companies. Management companies onshore can’t get ahold of real-time condition of the ship, so that potential safety hazard can’t be found out in time.

Marinesat's products and value-added services have been recognized by customers all along.In view of the above demands, adhering to the concept of serving customers sincerely, Marinesat has added another member to its product family - ship AI security system has been officially launched recently.

The Marinesat’s AI security system uses world- leading algorithm and video compression technology and was developed based on characteristics of vessels, controlling the data consumption to hundreds of MB. It can realize real-time smart alarm and video backhual ship-to-shore to improve the ship management efficiency and build a Smart Maritime Service Platform.

The features of this system is as follows:

Smart on-duty Monitor to manage the on-duty condition on board and ensure the safety of the vessel as well as saving some manpower. 

Stranger Identification to identify personnel who are not authorized to enter the area and avoid regulation violation. 

Mask Wearing Recognition to recognize the mask wearing condition of personnel and avoid any imported infectious cases during pandemic period.   

Apart from above-mentioned basic function, there is newly-developed function like  patrol inspection (which is still in optimization), pirate invasion identification, helmet wearing recognition, falling recognition and smoking recognition. The system can proactively reorganize and record the abnormal condition and warn the personnel both off-shore and on-shore. 

It has been proved that the system has good compatibility, which can meet the needs of the existing monitoring equipment on board and avoid repeated investment. It can greatly reduce the cost, improve the management level, and truly achieve for the welfare of ship owners and crew.



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