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MarineSat successfully tests the Flexible Network of Satcom+5G

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In order to meet the pressing need for shipboard information and management in nearshore condition, MarineSat has successfully completed the test of hybrid solution of satellite communication and 5G with the great support provided by its parent company Sunwave (002115), which marks the beginning of MarineSat’s Flexible Network based on Satellite and 5G,  and laid a solid foundation for the future implementation of ship IoT application to enable MarineSat’s leading position in the satellite broadband and ship IoT industry.  


5G networks have the advantages such as high throughput, massive connectivity, and ultra-low latency, while broadband satellite communications are global coverage. It is becoming a trend of innovation to integrate the two in ONE in recent years. Through the integration of satcom and 5G, more flexible interconnection between ships and shores will be realized. The mutual enhancement of the two communication systems, with the integrated network architecture, transmission and switching, will provide users onboard with consistent services.


Combine multiple technologies to build MarineSat Flexible Network

The unique feature of MarineSat's Flexible Network is that it brings together a variety of leading technologies like shipboard cloud computation, artificial intelligence and IoT to create an excellent solution that fit the shipboard information and management demand. The Flexible Network guaranteed a ubiquitous network connectivity and tackled various difficulties for implementation of informatization in shipping industry.




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