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Marinesat European Operation Center Launched in Greece

Views: 33     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-14      Origin: Marinesat

To meet the growing demand for VSAT service in global and provide better service to customers all over the world, Marinesat has established its Global Operation Center in Singapore in 2020 as a solid first step to global VSAT market. Yesterday, also the Lantern Festival of 2022, our European Operation center was established in Greece, which marks the further step of accelerating our global market strategy.

European and global VSAT markets will be benefited in the coming few years by various technology propositions that will be formed by GEO, LEO and MEO satellite constellations. The need for seamless connectivity will be always present and more demanding than ever.

George Papadimitriou Vice President, Marketing, MarineSat

Marinesat will keep working on realizing the global smart maritime service platform and providing high quality service like satellite broadband AI, IoT and cloud calculation.



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