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Marinesat Made a Great Success at Posidonia 2022 Exhibition

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From June 6 to June 10, 2022, the Posidonia 2022 Exhibition, which has been held for 26 sessions since 1969, was held in Athens again. It is one of the most prestigious maritime exhibitions in the world, attracting more than 1,500 enterprises from all over the world. The exhibition provides an in-depth communication platform for the shipping industry all over the world. MarineSat was invited to participate in the exhibition, which promoted MarineSat's business radiation in Europe and further improved the influence of its brand in the global market.



During the 5-days’ exhibition,  the Vice President of MarineSat George and other colleagues from the European Operation center introduced the company's business scope in detail to the guests, showcased the new generation of Marine satellite global network, ship AI security system and cyber security products, among which the cyber security products are only gaining popularity. A number of customers showed strong interest in the function of fully protecting ship network security and information security and expressed their willingness to conduct business cooperation.


MarineSat, as a satellite broadband service provider under SUNWAVE Communications (stock code 002115), is recognized by customers around the world for its innovative technology, secure, quality and efficient network services. Throughout the world, MarineSat has become an indispensable force in China's satellite communication field. In the future, MarineSat will continue to provide high quality services such as satellite broadband, internet security, Internet of Things and cloud computing to maritime customers around the world. To realize the global intelligent ocean service platform for the purpose of developing into a world-class maritime communication service provider.



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