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Marinesat Released Its Satellite Antenna of 6th Generation, Facilitating Vessel Satcom

Views: 23     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-21      Origin: Site

To serve global shipping company and crew members better and improve the communications quality, recently, Marinesat and a world-leading maritime satellite antenna supplier have jointly customize the latest shipborne satellite communication antenna. Until now, Marinesat satellite terminal equipment has been updated to the sixth generation.


The antenna provides a solution for VSAT Ku-band satellite services. It adopts the latest iDirect X7 modem to improve the beam switching speed to seconds level. The antenna's triaxial stabilized platform and advanced shock-resistant and shock-absorbing design base are fully optimized to withstand harsh offshore conditions and ensure reliable broadband communications. At the same time, compact shape, light weight and simple packaging also become the advantages of the new generation of antennas. The latest generation of antenna control software has enhanced diagnostic capabilities that alert operators to possible problems and can also provide automatic alerts and preventive maintenance when needed.

This cooperation marks that Marinesat can provide customers with more stable and reliable terminal equipment, which greatly improve customers’ satisfaction. In the future, Marinesat is always committed to exploring better products and services, in order to build a better global smart maritime service platform.



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