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Marinesat’s 1st Seafarer Festival Came to a Successful End

Views: 20     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-01      Origin: Marinesat

Seafarers, an ancient and eternal occupation, but a distant one for most of people. Marinesat has bonded with seafarers thanks to satellite. With satellite network, seafarers can talk to family and company at shore any time they want, and share their entertainment activities with friends and family. It has put an end to dull and boring life, which has greatly enhanced their sense of happiness. 


However, as a company focused on the welfare of ship owners and crew, Marinesat hope that all crew can have a more colorful onboard life and bring more joy to those who are still working during the raging pandemic. Thus, the first seafarers festival came into being. August 10, a special day for seafarers with Marinesat. Plenty of prizes are prepared, including crew flow benefits and team PK to win crew koi. We received high attention and active participation from seafarers, and the overwhelming messages also made us feel the enthusiasm of the fans of Marinesat. During the festival, the number of attendees is as high as 6802, and the accumulated number exceeds 10,000. This Seafarers Festival has come to a successful end, please be looking forward to the second Festival in 2022, when Marinesat and crew members will see each other again, and a more colorful series of activities will be launched. Please stay tuned.

At present, Marinesat provides not only maritime satellite communication service and value-added service such as video monitoring, cyber security, vessel AI and smart fleet management, but also provides a colorful platform for crew members to show themselves and various interactive activities. What’s more, we also established a public platform to help seafarers, which can truly realize the goal of enabling the maritime with information. 



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